Big Data

Collecting data is a powerful way to see how operations are truly functioning in Telecom plans. Managers benefit by analyzing the data and pinpointing issues which need improvement and overall make better decisions. The data can also be captured in real-time so that devices and machines can be followed or send alerts.


Easily manage the work crew with automated work orders. Scheduling and tracking employee activities with Proteus CMMS software eliminates overlapping, reduces labor costs and increases productivity.

Overall Cost Reduction

IImprove gross margins by using CMMS software. Rather than having the sales department scramble to make up for increasing Telecom costs, apply best-practices in Telecom management using CMMS software. Depending on the length of time that CMMS software is used and the depth at which it is used, best-practices can shave of tens of thousands of dollars each year and relieve expenditures.


Avoid long treks back to the work station by using Proteus CMMS mobile features. Take maintenance management anywhere on your smart phone or tablet.

Compliance and Reports

Tracking maintenance activities with Proteus CMMS software helps with regulatory inspections and ISO certification. In addition, track changes with our optional audit trail module. Detailed reports are also available with Proteus CMMS software.

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