SaaS is re-writing the rules for how business is conducted online. To grow your recurring revenue business, you need to be able to service - upgrade, cross-sell, renew and even downgrade - at every step along the lifecycle. Avangate answers the bell with everything today's SaaS companies need to run, manage and grow a subscription business - in one easy-to-use digital commerce package.


CRM solutions are meant to automate, organize and synchronize sales & marketing, customer service and technical support with user friendly software applications. A common database for all departments within an organization with easy access to real-time Objectivetion . CRM software essentially integrates data from sales, marketing and customer service & support departments of an organization so as to improve customer satisfaction. We have developed custom CRM solutions and also have expertise with major Open Source CRM tools, Apart from CRM implementation, we also provide Application Programming Interface (API) development support for your existing third party business applications. Web Services and other technology to develop cross-platform solutions that helps you reduce data entry in multiple places, central command over data and better reporting features.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business methodology that integrates various operations of an organization. ERP extends almost into every aspect of business process like management, planning, product design, production, sales, marketing, customer support, finance, HR and Maintenance.

Streamlining entire business processes into a unified system with real-time data

Objective helps clients in estimating their automation needs, and suggest the right ERP solution. We work along with Open Source technologies like Open ERP and Open Bravo. These applications pack as much features as any other ERP system, and they are simple to use too. Effective implementation of ERP system opens vast business improvement possibilities eliminating various barriers to growth.

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